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Looking for the best anointing oils to add to your inventory? Look no further! Attention Wholesalers! Elevate your spiritual inventory with our premium anointing oils.


We offer a variety of oils for healing, money drawing, love spells and spiritual rituals.

Our potent blends are perfect for dressing candles and creating powerful spells. Trust us to provide the highest quality conjure oils that will take your customers' spirituality to new heights.


Anointing oils have been used for centuries in spiritual practices across various cultures and religions. These potent blends of essential oils, herbs, and carrier oils are believed to possess strong healing properties that can help balance our mind, body, and spirit


Order now and join the ranks of satisfied wholesalers who have trusted us to help grow their business! Wholesale prices call us (347) 472-2152

the power of anointing oils - your one-stop-shop for healing, prosperity, love spells and spiritual rituals. Our top-quality oils are expertly crafted to make candle dressing. 

we guarantee that our products will leave your customers feeling confident and empowered.


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